Friday, February 8, 2013

Virtually Speaking site for Deficitowl

We really have to arrange a way for you to visit "in world".

We hear you and Jay through a connection to Blog Talk Radio. Although we can use an inworld voice system we rarely do, preferring to type into chat. This allows use to "talk" and ask questions without actually interrupting your discussion.

As to the venue: Here is view from the rear of the site. As you can see it reproduces a Roman auditorium that has been up dated.

A closer view of the platform where Jay (avatar) and guest(s) (avatar(s)) are normally seated.

We know it's past its unsell-by-date but we did have our own version of the platinum coin for you.

The obverse is, of course, your image and the reverse has an owl. :=))

The view from the dais, as seen from the position your avatar might be.

 And yes, that is me (avatar) as I was, oh, 30 years ago? :=))

Probably can't see it but I am wearing our group's Deficit Owl pin.

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