Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hail the Truth Seeker

I started reading and investigating this current administration after the 2004 election was rigged and stolen here in Ohio. (Blackwell may be facing charges)
I awoke from the stupor I had been in since the WTC attack.

At first, I was overwhelmed with what I was discovering. It saddened me that I had bought into the 'big daddy, do as I say, not as I do', routine. I was angered that we had all been duped, and that my country had been hijacked by 'Big Business' interests.

The Main Stream Media monopolies were the enablers. The loss of the 'Fairness Doctrine' sealed our fate to be uninformed citizens.
The propaganda machine is still spinning, but since the overwhelming turnout of common sense
at the voter polls last Nov, 2006, I have seen signs of journalists attempting to dig a bit deeper than the pre-spun and sanitized, White House Press Release.

The beast is awake, and watching.

Keith Olbermann has been a voice for our collective outrage against the crimes of this cabal. Stephen Colbert chose satirical irony as his weapon during his Press Corp appearance, and Jon Stewart reports more truth in one half hour than Fox does in a week.

The hateful flinging of soundbites, and Rovinian Doublespeak has stepped up.
The bigoted poison these 'supposed' Christians heap upon anyone not in total lockstep is almost unfathomable.
We are told, fear the terrorists, while our President supports the terrorists with financial help, and protection.
My only consolation right now is Evil things can't live in the light of truth, so Hail the Truth Seeker, may your quest be fruitful, may your light shine brightly, and may the Impeachment's be swift.

(JMHO) I would love to see the RICO laws brought into effect, and seize all their assets, ALL, or just turn the whole batch over for War Crimes prosecution, and seize all their assets, ALL.
Repossessing what they've purloined can not be a crime.