Monday, August 25, 2008

Netroots Nation SL, in the BigTent, along with Josh Marshall

Last night, while a small group of Netroots SL activists gathered for the movie, "Some Like It Hot", we received great news from one of our members. Netroots Nation Second Life received approval for a bridge (live feed) from the BIG TENT, and our activist arranged to have Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall included in the BIG TENT to cover the events.
Talking Points Memo

I've been promoting Sam Seder, and his blog, at every opportune moment. There are brilliant, and informed investigative bloggers there, and need to share the great work being done. Connecting dots...I love it.
Sam Seder Show blog

I'm also attempting to network the different Second Life represented organizations together, to build the Progressive community and make the next Netroots Nation SL a bigger, brighter, and more "Newbie" user friendly event.

More than 60 different health related support groups are represented in Second Life at Health Info Island.

I am involved with Bereavement and Anxiety groups at this time on a weekly basis. The support I could not physically obtain in Real Life, is abundant, and free for the asking amongst the pixels, and I am forever encouraged for my input and contributions.

Virtual Ability Island, a training ground and support center for disabled Second Lifers, is also a place I enjoy volunteering.
Virtual Ability Org

I've been keeping busy, and I miss you all.

The World Needs More SEDER!!!