Thursday, July 7, 2011

Antiquated Democrats

Ahh, the poor Democrats and their antiquated ideas.

Let's see, oh, that old saw about a 90% marginal rate that suggests that the very rich might be better off actually investing in company expansion to produce more and employ more. How funny.

And the silly idea of keeping taxes very low on the working people to improve their quality of life and to encourage an increase in demand for goods and services. Now that's a real giggle.

How about that silliness of helping the elderly and the infirm survive in a decent environment. Really off the wall.

Oh, and spending money on projects to improve the environment and infrastructure. Perhaps give employment to those that are searching for work but can't find it. Completely beyond the pale of rational, modern thought.

Regulate financial institutions? Really ridiculous. We must trust the operators to make good decisions. To consider reimposing bank regulations? So quaint.

The fact that these worked in the 1930s should not influence anyone today. We need to keep pouring money into the corporate coffers; eventually that will bring the economy around.



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