Sunday, February 20, 2011

Progressives are Better Conservatives

I found this very well written, and it explains why it is not beyond imagination to see the Tea Party Freshman Republicans side with Dennis Kucinich to defend our constitution.
Neo-Libertarians are in charge, not neo-conservatives, nor anything close to actually conservatism.,
Beyond Left and Right: A Spectrum of Ideological Vapidity by C. Derick Varn

"...I see progressives and even anarchists calling more on actual historical traditions than the "compassionate conservatives" do: it is often progressives who defend traditional cultures and pre-capitalist family arrangements.

In almost every way, the decentralization-oriented progressive is more conservative than the neo-Conservative is. It is also true that while progressives do have a teleological orientation politically—most are not utopians or apocalyptics anymore. Most of the left has learned something about completely utopian orientations. Many of the liberal teachers I work with are the harshest critics of the "decline of cultural standards."

Indeed, in this way, much of the center left is more conservative than real libertarians. (I say real libertarians to break them apart from mere neo-liberals). Even Ron Paul realized the revolutionary aspects of his ideas, despite his Protestant Christian orientation, and used this in his marketing of himself to the left. ..."

Dennis Kucinich Statement,
Dennis Kucinich Statement

Washington Post
GOP freshmen help derail Patriot Act extension
By Scott Butterworth

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