Thursday, October 16, 2008

How dare they......

A century of woman's hard fought for rights.....
a fair and honest Supreme Court...
these things and more are at stake in this election.

Only from my personal observations, the general consensus I see in my SL activist circles is, "That debate went to Obama."
The 30% will not be swayed by any facts or figures. They answer only to the voices in their heads......

The insanity continues, I see, with the doublethink, and Lee Atwater/Karl Rove brands of spin and mud. Their strategy will be to twist and spin the blame of this mess upon a Democrat Administration, then come back with Jebbie, or a close facsimile there of, on the next round.
The GOP brand is dead, and we are just waiting for the funeral.
We need a new brand to replace it.
WE need that third party, and it has to come from a common sense approach to Government, growing from WE THE PEOPLE, not bought and paid for by Corporation conglomerates, and International Banks..

Grassroots are doing fine and well. So many wonderful things to explore and experience. Great discussions are being held, solutions being offered.

Stay behind Sam, support Liberal Media, and always remember....

The World Needs More SEDER!!!

(((((group hugs)))))

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maggiesboy said...

I think we already have a 3rd Party namely the Neo-Fascist-Republican Party which has split from the NeoCon Republican Party. ;-)

I'm all for a viable 3rd party and believe it will be the Green Party, but it's gonna take time.

As for me, I'm still delusional that I can fix the Democratic Party.

A boy can dream.